Miranda Laurence: Dramaturg, Producer, Coach

I work mostly in the world of dance, accompanying artists as they imagine, create and show new work.

I am currently available to work directly with dance and theatre makers as a dramaturg during the creative process; as a facilitator of audience feedback for work-in-progress showings, or other performance or presentation situations; as a reviewer and writer; for workshop delivery on dramaturgy for dance.

I conduct my freelance work alongside employed roles: as Arts Development Officer at the University of Reading (since January 2018) and previously as Arts Development Officer at Cornerstone arts centre/South Oxfordshire District Council (2012-2017).

Please navigate the site to find out more about my areas of work, upcoming events, and my Oxford-based project Dance & Academia. For updates, follow me on Twitter, or have a look at my blog.

If you are interested in working with me, please get in touch:


07761 441 222