Dance Dramaturgy by Multiple Choice

What is not doing dramaturgy?

A) Laughing

B) Sitting still

C) Staring out the window

D) Dancing


What is being a bad dramaturg?

A) Letting your mind wander

B) Coming with no ideas, and no idea

C) Not seeing the wood for the trees

D) Talking a lot

E) Not talking


When is a dramaturg necessary?

A) You are telling a story

B) You are not telling a story

C) You have no idea

D) You have too many ideas

E) You are confident

F) You are unconfident


What does the dramaturg need to know?

A) Everything

B) Nothing

C) How to choreograph

D) How to dance

E) How to read

F) What they don’t know


When does a dramaturg give the answers?

A) In the middle of the night

B) When everyone is stuck

C) When there are too many ideas

D) Never

E) By stealth


What does every dramaturg need?

A) Time

B) A sense of humour

C) To be nice

D) To be detached

E) Knowledge

F) Emotion

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