Dance Audience Club: Oxford Playhouse

The first Dance Audience Club session will take place at Oxford Playhouse, before the performance of Clod Ensemble’s On the High Road,

  • Tuesday 21 May, 6-7pm
  • Lucy Room, Oxford Playhouse
  • FREE to ticket holders

You are invited to join the first Dance Audience Club, led by independent dance dramaturg Miranda Laurence. We will meet before the performance of Clod Ensemble’s ‘On the High Road’ to informally chat through the ways in which we might watch dance or other forms of non-narrative work. What might we look out for? What sort of things might we notice? What language could we use to sort through our reactions to the work?
If you are curious about watching dance, but sometimes feel a bit stumped about how to process it or talk about it, this is for you. It’s an informal, unthreatening invitation to give language to an art experience that can sometimes feel difficult to pin down.
This pre-show discussion is an independent project, supported by Oxford Playhouse, Clod Ensemble and Oxford Dance Forum.

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