Recent writing

Links to my recent writing (and videos) on dramaturgy and dance.

Follow the links below for some of my writing (and videos) about dramaturgy and dance.


A review of ‘Dance Dramaturgy’ (ed. Pil Hansen and Darcey Callison) published on Oxford Dance Writers in 2016

A review of ‘Pond’ by Kaaos dance company in Helsinki, published on Oxford Dance Writers in 2017

A review of ‘Table of Contents’ by Siobhan Davies Dance, published on The Learned Pig in 2013

A reflection on South East Dance’s ‘TEST’ dramaturgy weekend, published on The Red Line, 2017

A dialogue on beginning dramaturgy with Anja Meinhardt, of Justice In Motion, published on The Red Line in 2016

A reflection on a South East Dance Flourish Fund award for beginning dramaturgy practice, published in 2015